Since 1944.
Samuilo Amodaj,
first director

Radoš Novaković during filming of first Labour's Day parade on Terazije square, 1946.

Dragan Mitrović and Stevan Labudović in Egypt, autmun 1955.

History of Filmske Novosti

Filmske novosti was founded in 1944, folowing the liberation of Belgrade. The basic activity of Filmske novosti is the recording, storing, production and distribution of film and video material pertaining to social, economic, sports and cultural life in Serbia.

Filmske novosti was engaged in filming the activities of Yugoslav presidents both in the country and abroad. During their sojourns abroad, film crews of Filmske Novosti recorded numerous stories about everyday life in these countries.

Filmske novosti is the founder member of the INNA, the International Newsreel and News Film Association. Over several decades there was an important exchange of film footage between the member countries, so that today, Filmske novosti safeguards in its vaults a considerable amount of film footage of foreign provenance.

By the time Filmske novosti finally stopped producing cinema newsreels in 1989, it had accumulated about 15 million meters of all kinds of film stock, and is now one of the major film archives in the world; it is certainly the largest one in the Balkans. Thus, Filmske novosti Archive is the moving history not only of the ex-Yugoslavia countries or of the Balkans, but also of numerous countries worldwide.